Sailing adventure

I owned and sailed this boat for almost 20 years, living aboard her for many of them. During that period, sailing was the main focus of my recreational and social lives. She's a Rafiki 35, a moderately heavy, full-keel sloop of traditional lines, simply rigged for single-handing. Here are two shots taken on the same day on San Francisco Bay. One great adventure was sailing from California to Hawaii and back single-handed, during a self-awarded sabbatical in the year after quitting my faculty job. Two cruises down the coast to the Channel Islands, and over 20 trips out to the Farallon Islands, in all kinds of conditions, carrying personnel and provisions in volunteer service in the Farallon Patrol, all leave me with lots of sea stories to tell.Now life is more serious, and I'm without boat. But I've lots of skills and knowledge of cruising under sail and it's something I might someday take up again, given the right context and the right partners in folly.



Nausicaa was her name, the name of a character in the Odyssey, a princess and rescuer of the shipwrecked Odysseus. Also the title of a book by Robert Graves, a novel about a woman living in Sicily a few hundred years after Homer, who is supposed to be the real author of some of the Homeric works. I didn't picked the name, but kept the name given her by the previous owner, a Greek fellow, acceding to the superstition that it's bad luck to change the name of a purchased vessel. Below, on the ocean off San Francisco, on a day of light wind...not carrying enough headsail.





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