Career, Skills, and Professional Interests
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Ronald Levine       Programmmer     Resume     Tech Writer      Science Writer      Teacher 


I am a computational scientist and scientific software developer of long, broad and deep experience. Interactive graphics, computational geometry, and high performance computing have been common threads.

My current employment has been focused on geophysics, both visualization and analytics, for clients in the oil and gas industries. Previous works have involved computational fluid dynamics, geometry and physics engines for 3D games, pure mathematics, and 3D/4D modeling software.

Among engineers and scientists, I'm exceptionally well skilled at expository writing.

Here is a summary resume, like a traditional resume, but leaving out a lot ot detail for brevity in the face of a long career.

Particularly interested in computational geometry and physics. Here is a description of some cool projects in my experience in these areas

Now employed by Dynamic Graphics, Inc.